Aimee (_likeastar) wrote in anicon101,

Coffee-Pot Ramen

A large selection of people seemed to show an interest in coffee-pot ramen, so I felt the need to post something about it. It's a quick, easy way to get lunch without ever having to leave the comfort of your anime! :D

The only flaw in this lunch plan is that it only works at conventions held at hotels, where you have access to a coffee-pot. <3

It's really easy, which is what makes it awesome! Buy cup ramen at your local grocery store. It's extremely cheap, and often has peas or carrots or something in it for extra health-y-ness. :D Heat water in the coffee pot, and then follow the instructions on the cup! Easy-peasy. X3; And tasty, too.

(NOTE: This obviously doesn't work at Otakon, unless you can get your hands on hot water somewhere aside a coffee-pot.)
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