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Anime Convention Going 101 [we were all n00bs once.] [entries|friends|calendar]
Anicon Going 101

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Hello! [28 Jun 2015|04:49pm]

I just joined so I thought I'd introduce myself if that's ok?

I'm dragongirl007 and I've been going to anime conventions since 2011. The cons that I frequent most are Youmacon (2011-2014) and Midwest Media Expo (2014, 2015). I've also been to Anime Midwest (2013) and Colossalcon (2015)!

I would love to help people out with convention stuff and I can provide lots of tips for Youmacon and Midwest Media Expo in particular.

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NekoCon LJ [30 Jul 2006|06:33pm]

Love anime and manga enough that you go to conventions? NekoCon has it's own LJ community over at nekocon. Use it for all your NekoCon needs, like finding rides, roommates, and fellow CosPlayers, as well as just having fun!

Starting next week, up until the convention in November, there will be contests in which you can win NekoCon swag! So, come on over, check it out and watch for the contests in which the grand prize will be free passes to NekoCon 9!
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[10 Jan 2006|08:32am]
Anime Giveaway!

Complete our Anime Fan Survey for a chance to win prizes!


Please follow the link, fill out the survey, and provide your email address for a chance to win several awsome anime prizes including dvds, toys, etc. provided by our sponsors. There are 20 questions and it will take approximately 5 minutes of your time. This is a demographic/market research study and is in no way affiliated with any organized anime convention. Five Winners will be selected at random on 01/20/2006 and notified by email.

Pardon the spam I do hope youll enjoy the survey and the chance to win anime prizes!
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NEW COMMISSIONER~~ [08 Oct 2005|12:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello^-^ My name is Jin and Im almost 20 years old.

I've been making costumes for a while and I am about to start my own costume shop

However, before I have an official site for my shop, I would like to make some costumes first.

I have made many costumes so far and I usually take requests to see what costumes the customers what and to comfire the pricings also.

Some works I have done

- D. greyman : Allen, Komui, Kanda, Rinali
-Gundam seed : (each side, different color with tags)
-Naruto : Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
-Guilty gear : I-no, Bridget, Anji
-Samurai Deeper Kyo : Kyo, Kyoshiro, Shinray
-Inuyasha : Kagome
-School Uniform : Gakuran
-Cardcapter Sakura : Uniform
-King of Figher : Pao
-Yugioh : Kaiba
-FMA : Ed, the government suit (just with different ranks)

I can name more but I cant really remember;; Sorry

I try to make the costumes as close as I can to the actual clothes from the anime or the manga.


If you need more information, Please join my LJ community animenohouse

And I'll help you as far as I can


thank you^-^

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Date...Location...Time... [24 Jan 2005|10:58pm]

Um...when and where is the next anime convention? I never hear about these things until it's too late...
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Coffee-Pot Ramen [22 Jan 2005|08:41am]

A large selection of people seemed to show an interest in coffee-pot ramen, so I felt the need to post something about it. It's a quick, easy way to get lunch without ever having to leave the comfort of your anime! :D

The only flaw in this lunch plan is that it only works at conventions held at hotels, where you have access to a coffee-pot. <3

It's really easy, which is what makes it awesome! Buy cup ramen at your local grocery store. It's extremely cheap, and often has peas or carrots or something in it for extra health-y-ness. :D Heat water in the coffee pot, and then follow the instructions on the cup! Easy-peasy. X3; And tasty, too.

(NOTE: This obviously doesn't work at Otakon, unless you can get your hands on hot water somewhere aside a coffee-pot.)
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MWEE!! [22 Jan 2005|04:04am]

Y Halo Thar...

X3, Yup, 4chan all the way...


ANYWAYS... The Real reason I am posting here is to give some Tips and stuff... and other blatherings that I might think are useful for all of You/Us.

- Its always good to have the Camera Handy (HINT - Bring at least 2 pairs of Batteries and Some Extra Mem Space if you are using a DigiCam), specially if you are on the look for that Character you drool all over. Keep in mind that at the Cosplay.com forums there are lists of the Photoshoots (Def. Gathering of people of the same anime/series has in a big group to take pictures all together) and they are pretty handy. Keep a schedule of this and if not, keep your eyes open! Also ask nicely and polite if you found something, be sure to not step in the middle of a moving line or clogging the walking area.

- Cheapest Way to get Free Food is Having a sign on your neck that dictates the people to feed you ("FEED THE GANONDORK"-Otakon 04) but since you cant relay on that make sure to have a handy bag of snacks with you all around the day and a Good amount of water in a canister or whatever. Also, think of saving 20 bucks each day so you can get a PROPER DINNER, and by proper I mean like... One FANCY BIG TIME MUNCH-O-RAMA DINNER...

- Sharing a room is easy and Fun! Gather with your friends and Reserve at least 4 months before the con. Try to snag a place within walking pace (Hey, walking 7 blocks in Maryland dressed up like Ganondorf was FUN and I won some quirky views from the Normal people) and if you dont have a place... well, people usually post the "ROOMMATE NEEDED" thing at several Con-LJ Communities...

- In My case, I was travelling Mexico(Graduation)-Canada(TESL)-USA(OTAKON)-Mexico(Vacations)-USA(College)And I was able to carry ONLY 2 luggage, 1 Carry on and One Smaller Bag (CD Player, GBA...) If you plan to spend all your Lifetime savings on Anime and Manga and Hentai... I mean, GIFTS, PLUS Your Cosplay Costume... Well, thats quite a load isnt? Then Grab a HUGE Luggage and then Inside it place a Smaller-yet-Big Luggage on it. On the Small-Big one cram at least 3 cloth changes, Hygenic stuff, Costume, Snacks-Water, CLEAN UNDERWEAR and your PJs (Nothing beats a Good Night Rest on yer PJs). Repeat with the Carry On (Carry-On has Inside the Smaller Bag) so you can fill the BIG luggage with all your Buying stuff. If you have Overweight at the plane/train/submarine then use the Carryon to stuff it!

- I recommend Newbies to Have just ONE Costume, since its their first Con. To the other people, depending on your experience on BIG Cons it would be a Good Idea to just have 2, no more than 3. Also, Wear your BEST on Saturday since Its the Top day for Everything.

- Try to arrive a day early so you can meet your roommates and set up everything. Usually there are Pre-Reg Lines for people who Pre-Regged themselves and want to pick up their pases early. If you have time to kill, GO. If not, wake up early and GO, its better that way.

Thats all I can type for now... Its 4:24am and I need to Rest. If you have more questions, comment here.
And yes, I am the guy making a Huge Katamari Damacy Cosplay Group... Comment too if you are Interested.


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o__O [21 Jan 2005|05:05pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Roar, new member. >__<; Beware me. I tend to phrase my questions badly/awkwardly.

What about taking pictures? First year I went to AnimeUSA, I ran into some cosplayers who had been featured in Newtype earlier that year... [Kaiba and Yami.] I asked them, and they said something about me not being allowed to. ...

So, uh, just wondering.

[And how about those team cosplayers? For example, if I saw... Krad and Dark, what would be the best way for me to ask if they would mind hugging each other or something...?] >__>;

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food? [21 Jan 2005|03:03pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

I wanna know where to get the cheapest food!!! ^_^ I also want to know if anyone else has heard the rumor of Dir enGrey being at Otakon 05 or if anyone could confirm this rumor? Cuz if they are gonna be there I'm gonne DIE! Also, my community: http://www.livejournal.com/community/marylandotaku/ (please don't attack me for putting that link in there) ^_^

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This isn't working. XD; [21 Jan 2005|02:59pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I don't know if it was because I was stupid, and didn't make things clear or something, but no one's asking questions! o____o;; This is a help community! XD; Feel free to post questions or bits of advice that you picked up at anime conventions, and help me get this community up and running! I'm really excited that we already have so many members, but we won't go anywhere unless we have advice to give and questions to answer. <3 Welcome to anicon101, everybody-- let's get started! <3333

Much love:

Your friendly neighborhood mod; Aimee

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ANICON101 is officially~ OPEN. ♥ [20 Jan 2005|05:46pm]

Hey-- and welcome to anicon101. <3 *FIRST POSTAGE*
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