Anime Convention Going 101 [we were all n00bs once.]

Anicon Going 101
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This community is a help community for anime conventions! Want to know how to get cheap food? Want to know the basics of con ettiqete? Want to know if you should actually hug people with 'hug-me' signs? Want to know all of this before you actually *go*?

ANICON101: For all of the people who want the inside scoop on anime conventions before they go, but had no where to ask!


- If you can answer someone's question, do so! No one is a designated 'helper'-- we should help each other out!

- You can post questions, links to helpful sites, or promote-- but keep it related. We don't want to wander off on unrelated tangents.

- Be nice!

- Following of laws would be nice. (ie. Physics, gravity, english..)

- Have fun! Don't be afraid to ask questions! :D

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